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We provide the most full medical services, so every person could
have the opportunity to receive qualitative medical help.
“One of the most important factors about people’s lives is the information of, the
use of, and the growing knowledge of medicine. Medicine is a form of art. It depends on how skillfully doctors apply their knowledge when dealing with patients.”

Dr. Greg House

Cardiac surgery

High-class specialists are ready to help you at any time!

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Medical Center has been a medical service provider in all fields of medicine for the Diplomats and their families
for the past twenty years and keeps on maintaining a successful cooperation between the two bodies.

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Dr. Sarah Johnson

Consulting Doctor

Dr. Greg House

Cardiac Surgeon

Dr. Marta Stewart


Dr. Marco Rossi

Laboratory assistant


What our clients say

I wanted to thank everyone at this facility for the quality of care and compassion they showed during my stay.
Stacey Pickering
Today is my last day of infusion. But I know I will be back …not as a patient but a visitor. I have only positive
Linda Cardellini
Your service is often a source of inspiration. It simplifies our lives and makes usually complicated processes easy.
Andrew Mcgregor
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Coming to our clinic, people may be sure that they trust taking care of their health to real specialists.